The concept

The tools are specifically designed to help younger kids cope with constant change and thrive in their nomad life. The books are illustrated with fingerprint animals and potato prints. 

Little bunny dandelion is moving house

Isabella G, expat mom wrote:

My boys learned the stories off by heart!

Little Bunny Dandelion discovers his favorite flower

Jo Parfitt, author and journalist: Such a cute book with very clever illustrations.

 If you have any problems ordering the books or postcards, please feel free to contact me directly via pm. For worldwide shipping you can order the books via the expatbookshop here

Free Printable: Countdown to Relocation
Toddlers and preschoolers haven't developed a understanding of time yet. This countdown calendar helps them to understand the timeframe of your relocation. Cross out the days until relocation and your child will get a better sense of when you are going to move house.
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