Welcome to my english page

My name is Angela Schreiner.

I am a certified sozial worker, cross-cultural trainer and author of several books.


I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. After finishing my diploma in 2007, I relocated with my husband, living in several cities in Germany as well as southern Belgium and the US West Coast. 

I have two children, the first born in 2011 in Hamburg and the second born in 2014 in Belgium.


I offer cross-cultural training specifically for Germany (in Germany and abroad), expat coaching for expats in Germany and German expats living abroad, and provide tools and support for globally mobile families. 

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Instagram or send me an e-mail here.



Cross-cultural training

Working and living abroad can be difficult- different values, different style of communication and differences in social behavior can make it hard to fit in. It even can cause massive culture shock.

Cross-cultural training can help you to adapt more easily and thrive abroad.


Expat coaching

Leaving your comfort zone and moving from your home country is sometimes scary, but can provide great opportunities for personal growth. My coaching can help you and your whole family  make the most of the time abroad. 

Tools for expat kids

A life on the move isn't always easy on the kids. Change is challenging and can be confusing. I have created tools to help kids cope. Some are available in English too. Have a look at my shop.